Womens Safety HIKE Reviewed

July 11, 2011

Another blazing Hot day, yet many Hikers showed up again. And EVERYONE stayed for the Campfire discussions on Womens safety in the Outdoors. EVERYONE. Thanks All!
On Hot days like this one, it seems everyone has different paces of hiking. Darrin took the faster hikers ahead, and I remained with us slower hikers to sweat in the back of the pack. happy.gif Lots of ripe Black Raspberries along the entire trail. Gorged ourselves a number of times along the way. Since Holly has so much Sassafras, we also had to indulge in a little bit of chewing and sniffing. Nice mixture of varied people on this hike. Lots of outdoor knowledge amoungst this group. The language for the day was…..german. We actually had 5 people who spoke German and they did. Pretty interesting doing International Hiking. happy.gifVOLKSMARCHING.
Ater the Hike we all gather under the trees near the Campfire and started eating and talking. Darrin brought this interesting treat of wrapped apples in cinimon and brown suger, which was roasted over the fire. WOW! delisious. And it does’nt get better then when Ashook is there with his famous campfire Chai Tea. Endless brownies, Muffins, Watermellon and all types of treats.
With the diverse age groups and many people discussing Womens Safety in the Outdoors, I nore many notes on ways to protect ones self as well as opinions on just how little and how much this problem really was in our Parks. I think the compilled list of suggestions and opinions on this subject will make for some good TIPS and ideas for everyone heading into our Parks, especially thos who wish to Hike solo. Look for a three page review in the next week or so.
Thank You so very much to all the people who not only participated at this Hike….but to the over 100 emails I have recieved with ideas and suggestions as well. You are all helping others to experience the things that you do, and in a calm and safe manner. Great Work Gang!

Kathy sent in a few pictures form the Hike. She actually took pictures. I mearly took my camera for another hike inside my carrying case. It enjoyed it though. happy.gif
Rich posted a nice album on our Facebook page. Check that out too.

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