Wolcott Mill HIKE Reviewed

July 3, 2011

I was amazed at how many people showed up for one of the hottest and most humid Hike that I can remember. There where planty of different kinds of flowers on our trailings, as well as Black-Raspberries everywhere. We munched the whole way. We even ran into a Mulberry tree with lots of fresh fruit.

Stopped at the old Dam where water levels where at an all-time low. The channels are dry. Circled around from the river cliffs, to the Boardwalks and back to our starting point. Some people headed right up to the Mill, and some of us headed directly to the cooling river and soaked along the banks in the shade. Had to be 30 degrees cooler this way. 🙂

A number of us stayed for quite a long time along the river, just below the Mill. A wonderful setting. We could see the Park staff was taking good care of the rest of the group that headed up to the Mill. Thanks gang.

A few of us headed to the Farm just in time before closing. We took a very quick tour and a few pictures. For such a very hot day, it sure was wrth getting heated up and feasting on the trails, to come back and enjoy the cooling river and Mill in the shade. A very relaxing day, all and all.

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