Bald Mountain HIKE Reviewed

June 27, 2011

The morning was cloudy and cool, but on cue, at 12 noon, the skies opened up and the temps climbed to around 74 degrees. Perfect Hiking conditions. We Hiked towards the Tamarack Cabins loop and all the way around the far side of the north part of the park. We ran into no one and had the whole area to ourselves. Took a break on the top of the old Sledding hills and circled back the long way around the north side of Heart lake. The lake is still home to a very active Bog and now that all of the boat access has gone, a couple of pairs of Herons have made nests on the west side of the lake. The group hung out in the parking area after we returned and talked a bit about the Womens Safety Hike coming up on July 9th. Got some great input and hope the Hike/Fire will be the same as this preliminary talk we had in the parking area. A few of us headed out to the eatsren half of the North Unit and visited an old Beaver Lodge and some of the more remote sections there. Even did a little Bushwhacking. 5 miles on the first Hike, and another 4 on the second Hike. A Good Day.

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