RECREATION 101 Reviewed

June 5, 2011

EXCELLENT day out at Holly Recreation Area. Lots of local outdoor Groups, plent of Free Icecream and lots of stuff to do. It was nice to meet the new director of the DNR, Rodney Stokes. Hopeing good things for the DNR with his directions.

HM set up under a nice stand of Pine trees, in the shade. Enough room for a few Picnic tables and the many people who stopped by and stayed with us for most of the Event. Had 12-15 people on each of our scheduled Hikes along the Heron lake waters edge. 93 degrees for the day, but still had a nice breeze along the water and under the shade of the Pine trees.

Cindy sent in most of the pictures below, and also manned the HM tent for the entire Event, along with Jo of course. Actually…..everyone pitched in and helped. Even when it came time to tear it all down. Don’t think that by the end of the day, we could have done it ourselves. As always…..Great job HM people!


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