Honey Bee Swarm

May 30, 2011

Was extremely lucky enough to stumble into the Burgess-Shadbush Nature center, at just the right moment. I was heading to Holland Ponds to shoot more video on a particular Heron nest I have been following, and I stopped to say hello to Dan Farmer, the naturalist at the center. Just as I pulled up, the Bee Keepers where getting ready to attempt to coral a swarm of bees and their new queen.
The queen had left one of the existing hives at the Center’s Bee Garden and her and about 20,00 honey bees where looking to start a new hive. The Bee Keepers where trying to get this swarm into a Bee house, so they could eventually harvest the honey, along with the rest of the hives at the Nature center.
I would like to Thank J.L. May Soap Makers, who where the Bee Keepers here, for allowing me so much time interfering with their jobs, to shoot this video. Very nice and informative Bee Keepers.
Take a look at this video. It isn’t to often, that us non-Bee Keepers get a chance to see a Bee Swarm in action. Yet alone, Bee Keepers coraling them into a Bee House. Amazing stuff.


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