MORELS sidenote

May 24, 2011

OK…..so I thought that after 7 hrs. of searching, over 15 miles of trails and off trail trekking, I was done and needed to sit down for a well earned meal. I had collected enough white Morels to make a couple of good meals for two people and was satisfied with a great day in the outdoors. 3 other people wanted just one more short trip to a spot we had not checked yet. A 1/2 hr. they said. I was tired and wanted some food, so I left with a friend.

never quit until your done. I received an email that evening with these two pictures attached. The 3 remaining Mushroom hunters checked one more place before they quit for the day, and hit the mother-load. Over 80 white Morels under one small group of trees. A very rare find of this many Morels in one location. Great job at sticking it out until you drop. It paid off!


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