Dauner-Martin HIKE reviewed

May 22, 2011

Had a wonderful Hike out at the Dauner-Martin Sanctuary today. A perfect more then Spring afternoon. About 80 degrees and sunny. No real SKEETERS out yet, but they are a tryin. Soon……
We kinda broke into two groups on this Hike. A faster paced group that covered the whole eastern side of the Park with the main group, and then managed to cover the loop around the western end as well. We all joined forces one the Return trail, to again split up. Some ended the day and headed back to the parking area, and the rest of us went in search of the Black Gum tree stand. We found it near the pond in the center of the Park. The Gum doesn’t flow until September, but we now have an exact location for the trees.
About 6 of us finished the day at the Fenton grill, for more food then any of us could eat. GREAT meals around. Excellent Hike with many knowledgeable people along for this one. Those are my personal favorite kinds of Hikes. Some one knows something about everything we come across.
Thanks to the Michigan Nature Association for putting on this Hike and for helping all of us understand the Sanctuary at Dauner-Martin, a little better. We look forward to our next Hike together.


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