New HERONS Video

May 9, 2011

We have been following one specific nest at the Holland Ponds, Heron Rookery, in Shelby Twp.  Out of the almost 50 pairs of great Blue Herons nesting here for 2011, we have selected one nest to watch and follow through the season.

So far, this nest has produced two healthy youngsters. Most Herons produce two or three youngsters a nesting season. Once hatched, the youngsters grow at an amazing rate. Which means both heron parents spend most of every day, taking turns in going hunting and bring food back to the nest. One adult stays with the chicks, while the other fetches food. And so it goes, all day, every day, until the chicks are fledged from the nest.

We will be watching this here on the HM Blog as well as on the Holland Ponds Park……Facebook page. We will be taking new video about every 4-6 days as the young Herons grow quickly. Stay tuned for the next installment. There are two videos taken before this one, and can be viewed either on the HM YOU-TUBE web site, or on the Holland Ponds facebook page at:   HOLLAND PONDS FRIENDS


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