5/15/11 Spring Flowers HIKE

May 8, 2011

This Sunday, 5/15/11, we will be doing our annual Spring Flwers HIKE out at Bald Mountain Recreation area. Things are blooming everywhere, and we should get some great opportunities to see many different Spring flowers.

Looking forward to some complete hillsides covered in Trilliums, and Spring Creek covered in Marsh Marigolds. Once down by the Creek, we will have the option to do some short Bushwhacking to the largest natural Spring in the park. Wear some good footwaer, in case the group votes to do this. It maybe slightly Gushy near the Spring.

Everyone attending the Hike will get our most recent 2 page Spring Flowers ID sheet, along with the regular Map of the Trails we will be hiking.

There are no restrooms in the parking area, or on the trails we are hiking, so take that into consideration, please. Hope to see you all out at Bald Mountain this weekend.

Download the 2 page Spring Flowers ID sheets here:  SPRING FLOWERS

Download details and a Map to where we will be meeting:   BaldMt.HIKE


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