Holly Trails Trimming Hike reviewed

May 1, 2011

I want to send my regards to all the people who came out and not just hiked, but trimmed the trails and picked up trash as we went. We all use the trails in our Parks, but it is people like you, who give back without rewards, who keep many of these trails going and in good shape. Especially this year when our State Park trails will not be getting the maintenance they need, due to funding problems at the DNR. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had about 36 Hiker/Trail trimmers show up for a perfect day. It was cloudy and a slight breeze, but this worked out perfect for the 5 miles we covered in hiking and working. Perfect temps. for that.

Chris and Pam where waiting back at the campfire pit, with fresh wood and a Picnic table circle. Everyone pitched in on getting the fire and food going. A number of people brought food and treats for everyone. The Veggie Patties where a hit, being fried up around the campfire. Although….we served up every Hot Dog, and absolutely every morsel of food and treats where consumed. The gang definitely worked up an appetite.

Wildflowers and snakes spotted along the trail, and Darrin’s homemade Marshmallows where a great treat on our halfway point. It was great to see everyone participating in some way to not only trim the trails, but take care of one another on the trails and around the Campfire. Personally….I have a grand time. Hope you all did too.


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