4/23/11 Holland Ponds HIKE

April 10, 2011

Our first Spring Hike is schedule for Saturday, 4/23/11 at 12pm-3pm at Holland Ponds Park. The park is home to the largest Great Blue Heron Rookery in S.E.MI.  Over 38 nesting pairs where counted last year.

The park is a Shelby Twp. park, maintained by the Burgess-Shadbush Nature center, just south of the park on Ryan road. The Nature Center is a wonderful place in itself, and will be the Groups stop, after we have Hiked and seen the Herons and other nesting wildlife there.

Holland Ponds is a “Baby Making” area. Many birds and other wildlife rear their young in this well food stocked park. All the ponds and all the food sources make for a great place to raise your young. Nesting Owls, Egrets, Hawks, Ducks and Geese are just some of the many birds who make the Park home not only in the Springtime, but visit throughout the year.

Join us for a unique opportunity to see the Herons up close as they re-build their nests, bond, mate and go about the business of raising there chicks. You can download a Flyer with more details, and a map to the park here:

HOLLAND PONDS HIKE Also get one of our new detailed park maps at this Link:



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