April 3, 2011

This year Hiking Michigan will be doing TRAILS Trimmings HIKES. What that means is that while we arte hiking, we will trim the overhanging twig or vine and pick up any trash we come across. Nothing very physical, just a way to give back and help out the State DNR maintain some of the Park Trail systems.
Due to the lack of funding this year, while the new PASSPORT Park sticker program takes hold, the DNR is down on it’s funding, and will not be maintaining as many of the trails we all have come to enjoy and use regularly.
So…….maybe every third or forth Hike will be a Trails Trimming Hike. We will try and supply hand clippers to all in attendance, but if you have a pair, bring them along. We will also be purchasing gloves who ever wished to use them while they trim and Hike.
After each of this style of Trails Trimming Hikes, HM will provide a Campfire, Hotdogs and vittles for everyone that participated. We are working on getting a sponsor to supply us with PATCHES. So that anyone participating in three Trails Trimming Hikes, will recieve their TRAILS PATCH.
This is something new for us and we are open to any and all suggestions on how to make this work well. Our first Trails Trimming Hike will be on 4/30/11 at Holly Recreation Area. We will Hike and Trim our favorite trail there, the “Lakeshore Trail”. We’ll build a Campfire and cook some goodies afterwards. The DNR is behind us on this and hopefully as we get rolling, they will schedule the occassional Stewardship Ranger to join us on these Hikes. We will get a chance to learn some things about invasive species and the plants and trees we will be trimming.
So that’s it…..how about some feedback and ideas.


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