BIG LOOP Trail to be revamped

March 21, 2011

With the help of local Scout Leader Jeff, and his trail dog CoCo, we are reconsidering our years of work on the Ortinville BIG LOOP Trail system. This trails system is set up to encircle the entire outer perimeter on this huge Recreation area.

We started this project about 4 years ago, mapping many of the existing trails (used and little used trails) and develop[ed a trails system to encircle the outer perimeter of this vast natural area. The trails roam through many diverse habitats and terrain, and there are few places in S.E. Michigan where something like this is even possible.

With the help of local Boy Scouts and Hiking Michigan members, we hope to re-awaken this trail system this year. Please join us as we put together some remapping hikes and some trails clean-up hikes, to get this very unique trails system up and working as once planned.

Check out a map of the latest routes selected for the now existing BIG LOOP{ Trail system.  The BIG LOOP Trail

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