2/19/11 SNOW SHOE Day Reviewed

February 20, 2011

We had over 40 determined people show up for the Stony Creek Snow She Day. REI instructors, Kelly & Robbie did a simply WONDERFUL job at explaining all the aspects of Snow Shoeing, including outerwear and accessories. They fielded all questions with excellent answers.

After the REI class held at the Nature Center’s 3 season building, the group split up into Hikers and Snow Shoers. We all merged back at the building for a Campfire and more food then normal, inside the building.

Lots of critters throughout the day, lots of sun as well. Thank You very much to REI for supplying all the Snow Shoes and quality instructors in Kelly & Robbie. A big Thank You to Stony Creel Metro Park Nature Center for the use of their 3 season building and Campfire areas. And a warm Thank You to Bill Goodwin for hi persistence in coordinating REI and Stony Creek and making this Excellent SNOW SHOE Day happen. next years will be even better!

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