2/17/11 Ladies Night Reviewed

February 18, 2011

This last Thursday evening Hiking Michigan attended “Macomb Bike & Fitness, “Ladies Night” program. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This was the first time we have participated in the organizations free evening gathering. What a turn out!

This is a 3 generations, owned business, that gives much back to the community. There where many Vendors set up at tables throughout the building. Macomb Bike had a tremendous Food and drinks tables, as well as a selection of wines, Cappuccinos and all type of beverages.

The give-a-way segment of the evening went on for almost 1/2 hour. Bikes, helmets, cloths and all types of items where given away. We where all bowled over at the generosity from the attending Vendors and mostly from Macomb Bike itself.

I am not quick to recommend a business to fellow HM members, but I feel very good about telling you all that this is one of the Coolest Bike shops I have visited. Great prices, wonderful repair shop, and a warranty that almost never ends.

Stop in and see what this family owned, Michigan based business is doing. By the way…..I bought my very first M.Bike from Macomb Bike some 25 years ago, when the family stilled owned the place. Now that’s longevity, quality and good business!

Stop by Macomb Bike & Fitness web site here:   MACOMB BIKE

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