Bald Mountain HIKE Reviewed

February 13, 2011

Well our 2/12/11 Hike gathered about 25 people on what turned out to be a very warm and sunny afternoon. Started out a little breezy and cool in the exposed parking lot, but that all changed when we hit the trails. We had a new leader for this Hike…..CoCo led for most of the way. Very enthusiastic and willing. 🙂

We stopped a bit at the old Sledding Hill and seen that it was still usable and a great place to do a future Sledding outing. next year sometime. Most of the trails where at least somewhat used, so there wasn’t alot of trudging in the snow. Not many fresh animal tracks though.

The Boy Scouts had the Tamarack Lake Cabins rented and where out and about around the Cabins. Good to see them still being used, and by Boy Scouts. We ended up eating Coffee cake back at the parking area, supplied by Rosie. Who served up the cake on her portable Coffee table. The only way to eat Coffee cake. 🙂 Had an excellent Hike with a great group of people this afternoon. Thanks Gang!



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