1/15/11 Mapbook HIKE

January 8, 2011

Our first hike for 2011 is our Mapbook Hike. Everyone in attendance will receive a Free copy of the mapbook, “HIKING S.E. MICHIGAN”.  We normally sell this book on our web site for $15.00 with shipping, but we will be giving to all the Hikers showing up for this 1st Hike of 2011.

It is our way of saying Thank You HM hikers for a great Hiking year in 2010, and to get everyone enthused for a great Hiking year in 2011. The 1st Hike will be at Stony Creek Metro Park.

We will be meeting at the Nature Study area parking lot at 12PM, and hiking the back side of the “Osprey Hacking Lake”. This is one of the least traveled areas at the Park, and one of the best animal sanctuaries left at the park.

We hope you all will join us for our 1st Hike in 2011 and get your free copy of the Hiking Mapbook. Looking forward to seeing our many old friends as well as many new friends for this kick-off Hike of 2011. See You all out on the trails.

Get more details and a Map to this Hike here: STONY CREEK HIKE


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