History Hike Reviewed

October 11, 2010

Over 70 people interested in both history and the beautiful Fall colors at Haven Hill in Highland Recreation area, showed up for the Haven Hill Project HISTORY HIKE. We had to split up into two groups to be able to get into some of the places around the estate.

The temperatures where just perfect, with plenty of sun to illuminate the fall colors. After touring some of the infrastructure, the Carriage house, Lodge and Pool areas, the two groups met at the Fountain for some talk, goodies and a rest.

from the Fountain, most of the hikers continued on for the second half of the hike, into the Ford Historic nature Area. This little known section of the Park was once the private hiking and nature area for the Ford family. Old bridges, structures, staircases and amenities lay hidden and unexplored through out the area.

The hike went way longer then expected. We left the parking area around Noon and returned near 5pm. But that was only because we where all exploring and having an excellent fall afternoon.

Hiking Michigan and the Haven Hill project hope that everyone enjoyed the afternoon of history and Fall colors at Haven Hill, in Highland recreation area.


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