September 27, 2010

Well…..it’s here. That wonderful time of year when all the animals are scurrying around getting ready for Winter and that very unique time when everything changes color.

We thought we would post a couple of helpful download sheets to assist everyone in enjoying the Fall season in Michigan, even more. The first download is an informational sheet, on just why the leaves turn color for the Fall, and why different trees produce different colors.

You can download that sheet here:  Why Leaves Change Color

The next informational sheet we have for download is kinda our BEST OF picks for Fall colors in S.E. Michigan. Yes, of course there are so many different places to see FANTASTIC fall colors in S.E.MI., but there places we have selected have proven over and over to have consistent and brilliant Fall colors. the most important thing is to just get outdoors and enjoy this special time of year.

Download a BEST OF places for S.E.MI. fall colors: The Best Fall Colors


One comment

  1. It is that time of year! Just wanted to let you know your link to the leaf pdf doesn’t work. I was interested in downloading it and taking a closer read. Thanks for the info 🙂

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