WETZEL State Park School Hike

May 16, 2010

This past May 14th at Wetzel State Par, Hiking Michigan assisted the FRIENDS of Wetzel Park with a free local elementary school Outdoor experience. We helped to lead two separate Hikes at the Park as CJ’s Bunnies and Bugs took charge of the children that where not on a particular Hike.

Over 60 students attended the afternoons activities, as well as a number of the FRIENDS group and parents and teachers. Everyone had a GRAND time, and the children where very well behaved and enthusiastic about everything that happened for this trip.

I personally had one of the best times at the Park, due to the joy, enthusiasm and complete wonder the children brought to even the most minute natural thing. A small puddle just of the trail, filled with Tad Polls, became a 20 minute stop of adventure. This kind of joy is so contagious, and it was easily passed onto all the adults there.

Just a Spectacular afternoon at Wetzel State Park in macomb county. Thank You to the FRIENDS of Wetzel State Park, all the Parents and teachers and CJ’s Bunnies and Bugs for all the great participation in giving these 60 children an great outdoor experience!


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