The HERONS are back!

March 10, 2010

Every year around this time, the Great Blue Herons return to Southeastern Michigan to nest and raise their young. Holland Ponds in Shelby Twp., Macomb county, has the largest Heronry in this part of the state. Nests are being rebuilt at this moment, while other Herons return, select their mate and begin the nest building and courtship. It is a sight to behold, to watch these magnificent birds hatch their young and together run a constant feeding rounds for their growing young.

Both male and female remain on the nest and take care of the growing chicks. It takes two adults to feed these veracious eaters. All day, every day, both the male and female search for Frogs Fish and other foods for the tireless youngsters.

Holland Ponds is located on Ryan road, just north of 22 mile road in Macomb county. The Shadbush Nature Center, also located on Ryan road, maintains the park. There is no fee for parking or entering the park. Just follow the signs on the pathway to get to a viewing area of the Rookery. The Herons are skid-dish, so remain on the paths and let them nest and have their young.


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