Watch our PARKS & Places

March 2, 2010

As the money dries up in Michigan and many other states, it is very important for the people of the state of Michigan to have a watchful eye on the people we have handed control and operations of our parks and natural places too. Many are doing everything they can to keep our parks open and functioning in a prosperous way, even with the hard times we all are in.

BUT….there are a few that are using these hard times for their own personal gains. We hope this Blog and posts from all you good Michigan people will help squelch some of these few people who think bad times, mean good times for themselves.

Please make us all aware of something you may be seeing or have watched happen to one of our Parks or Natural places, that is just not quite right. Make the post anonymously or email me personally and I will make the post for you. Keeping all the people of our beautiful state connected to one another on what is going on, is a very powerful tool. For the GOOD. And to stop the BAD.


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